I’m pleased to release another tale from my forthcoming book Tall Trees Short Stories Vol.20. Free to download for all my readers, with a new tale released every month during 2020.

Memoirs of a Bonsai follows the life story of an ancient bonsai tree in Japan.

“A bonsai in a pot does not know the great forest”

Memoirs of a Bonsai, Tall Trees Short Stories
Memoirs of a Bonsai, from Tall Trees Short Stories by Gabriel Hemery

Come closer, my little troglodyte, and I will tell you a story. My roots have not yet found their walls, and already my needles are lengthening. I know you to be the trapped spirit of Midori-san. I am only 562-years-young, with another half-life before me. Now, I will care for you. You may sip the dew from my needle tips, and pluck ants from my crevices. You will become reikon, a true spirit, and those will o’the wisps can bother you no more.

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