I’ve just released No.8 of my occasional newsletters featuring stories linked to the creation of my latest book GREEN GOLD.  

In this bumper issue, expect curious links between flesh-sucking fish and Prince Albert, oh, . . . and more than one new extract from the book.

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  1. Gabriel,

    we have asked twice already for our email address to be removed from your mailing list

    which part of that don’t you understand?

    every unwanted email wastes finite resources. I’m surprised you are unaware of that


    1. Author

      Dear Michael
      I wrote to you immediately following your last request to inform you that as you subscribed directly it is in your power to unsubscribe, not mine. Simply click on ‘unsubcribe’ at the footer in any of my emails. I’m sorry you’ve found this to be a hassle but there is no reason to be insulting. These settings are entirely the norm for all such subscription systems.

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