Earlier this week The Independent newspaper published the winning essay about the future of forests in England.  This was an open competition with an attractive £5000 prize that was announced in February, just before the Government scrapped plans to sell England’s publicly-owned forests.  Read more.

About 150 essays of 1500-2000 words were submitted and the shortlisted entries considered by three judges: Tony Juniper, Oliver Rackham and Michael McCarthy.  Read the winning entry by Andy Byfield here.

Gabriel Hemery

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  1. Glad to conclude you are on the Arcadia side and a great “diversified forest supporter .At least people s’ attitude towards forestry and the handling of forests(which has been so damaging during these last thirty years) seems to change by degrees…high time to restore new mixed open and wooded landscapes and bring “the magic light back into the woods, keep back oaks and ash from the ancient woodland, let broadleaves underconifers regenerate and so on… it appears hopeful though judged utopic by political standards in terms of efficiency and economic profitability ?

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