To celebrate the International Year of Forests, the theme for PostEurop’s postage stamps for 2011 is trees and forests.  Europa stamps have been produced by many European countries and demonstrate some wonderful and varied designs.  Here are some of my favourites.

France Europa stamps
France Europa stamp - probably my favourite design - it depicts leaves as trees and includes small forest ecology icons such as the red squirrel, Boletus and jay.
Russia Europa stamps
Russia Europa stamp - silver birch forest and magpie
Spain Europa stamps
Spain Europa stamp - beech forest, perhaps in the foothills of the Pyrenees?
Romania Europa stamps
Romania Europa stamps - a woodland glade in sunlight on one design, a red squirrel and pine tree on another
Poland Europa stamps
Poland Europa stamp - the iconic European bison in a strong graphic design
Norway Europa stamps
Norway Europa stamps - one shows forest management using modern machinery, another the natural forest ecosystem of Norway
Jersey Europa stamps
Jersey Europa stamps - four beautifully illustrated stamps including silver birch, English oak, beech and lime.
Iceland Europa stamps
Iceland Europa stamps - showing the beauty of wood and a microscopic view of the underside of a leaf on two separate stamps
Greenland Europa stamps
Greenland Europa stamps - silver birch in snow and pine trees near the shore in two stamps
Finland Europa stamps
Finland Europa stamps - a clever two-stamp design featuring a four-way reflection of a forest in a lake and in summer and autumnal colours
Denmark Europa stamps
Denmark Europa stamp - a charming design featuring an inquisitive red squirrel
Andora Europa stamp
Andorra Europa stamp - conifer trees in the Pyrenees
Aland Islands Europa stamps
Aland Islands Europa stamp - an atmospheric forest from this small island in the Baltic Sea
Modolva Europa stamps
Moldova Europa stamps - actually maybe these are my favourite! The design is diamond rather than square and features some strong images including forest fire and bleeding wood, alongside deer, owl and forest.

If you have a philatelic interest and want to see more trees on stamps, particularly historic stamps, have a look here.

Gabriel Hemery


  1. Nice collection! Czech contribution to the International Year of Forests, “Alluvial forest”, is to be found here:

    1. Ah, I din’t read carefully. All the stamps can be found on the PostEurop’s site you linked to. My apologies.

  2. Author

    I was waiting for someone to ask that question! There were many other countries that I missed out too, other than England. I showcased some of my favourites and other ones I thought interesting and I’m afraid the the British ones didn’t make the cut – just a matter of my personal taste. You can vote online for your favourite here

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