In September 1919 the Forestry Commission was founded to restore the nation’s timber reserves in the aftermath of the First World War, after the passing of the Forestry Act.

100 years of forestry 1919-2019
100 years of forestry 1919-2019

A new website has been launched by the Forestry Commission, in readiness for an exciting programme of activities planned to celebrate the centenary in 2019. It’s well worth checking out the attractive looking site, with features including writers, film, online explorations, and a sign-up page to keep up-to-date with developments. I particularly enjoyed exploring a clever interactive timeline revealing the history of forestry in Britain.

The Forestry Commission is now undergoing a programme of devolution, with responsibilities across the UK covered by Forestry Commission England, Forestry Commission Scotland, Natural Resources Wales, and the Northern Ireland Forest Service.

Forestry Commission England, which is hosting this new website, is now England’s largest landowner and cares for more than 1,500 forests. It delivers internationally-renowned research in sustainable forestry, and helps other landowners make their woodlands more productive, better for wildlife, and resilient to the challenges of a changing climate.


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