Book Reviewers Wanted

My next book, a collection of short stories, is published on 30th June. I am looking for reviewers, who in return for a free advance review copy (ARC), would be willing to post a review to help guide future readers in whether or not to purchase a copy.

Tall Trees Short Stories Vol20
Tall Trees Short Stories Vol20. Published 30th June 2020.

Reviewers should be prepared to write a fair and balanced review, and to post this on a book platform such as Amazon, Goodreads, Google Books etc. If you also have your own website where you regularly post book reviews, that would be great too.

I request that every reviewer clearly states that their review was undertaken in exchange for a free advance review copy provided by the author.

I’ve created a simple form where you can get in touch and express your interest in receiving a review copy. ARCs will be distributed at the end of March, while reviews cannot be published by reviewers until the book has been published.

You can also view the form here

Thanks for your interest.

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