Green Gold has received a book review by Michael Layland for The Ormsby Review.

The Ormsby Review is run by BC BookLook and focusses exclusively on the literary culture of British Columbia, the province of Canada with the highest per-capita book reading rate. The protagonist of Green Gold, John Jeffrey, travelled extensively through British Columbia, so it was very fitting that the book was reviewed for readers with an interest in this beautiful region of the world.

It’s a shame that the reviewer took against the cover of Green Gold, but other than that, it is a generous and very thorough review.

“The book is a semi-fictional recounting of the adventures of a real person. While holding fast to the known facts, it adds highly plausible augmentation. The result is a masterly told story of a noble quest against fearsome challenges by a youthful hero of modest roots and demeanour.”

Michael Layland, The Ormsby Review, #613, September 2019

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Michael Layland is an author from Victoria B.C. whose third book recounting various aspects of the history of exploration and early settlement of Vancouver Island is due for publication in October 2019. In Nature’s Realm: Early Naturalists Explore Vancouver Island (Victoria: Touchwood Editions) includes four pages on John Jeffrey’s mission, as well as the stories of several other Scottish botanists who came to this region. Details are on his website:

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