Michael Layland

Green Gold . . . a masterly told story of a noble quest against fearsome challenges by a youthful hero of modest roots and demeanour. Michael Layland, The Ormsby Review, #613, September 2019

The Daily Mail

Green Gold “beguiling . . . fascinating” The Daily Mail, 3rd May 2019

Fiona Stafford

Green Gold a wonderful book!  . . . a really remarkable combination of research, detective work, botanical expertise and imaginative writing.”  Fiona Stafford, Professor of English at Oxford University, and author: The Long, Long Life of Trees (2017), and The Brief Life of Flowers (2018).

Caspar Henderson

The New Sylva Gabriel Hemery’s text is a precise, fascinating, fluent, wide-ranging and hard-headed synthesis: an excellent popular introduction to tree biology and forestry. But the book is more than that . . . Hemery is out to celebrate and inspire passion and love . . . Read more ‘Trees of Enchantment’ – by Caspar… Read More