Despite the sustainable nature of modern forestry in much of the developed world, while deforestation continues in the less-developed world, perhaps forestry will continue to have a poor reputation in the public conscience.Continue Reading

Silvology: the study of forests and woods, incoporating both the understanding of natural forest ecosystems and the design of silvicultural systems.Continue Reading

On my homepage I write that I aim to celebrate the ” silvan” world: here’s an etymology. Silva or sylva is a Latin word meaning ‘wood or forest’, with silvan or sylvan meaning ‘of the wood or forest’. In forestry we use the word silviculture, meaning literally culture of forests.Continue Reading

I’m a forester.  That’s a simple description of my profession without much room for misunderstanding – or so you’d think.  Therein lies an etymological dilemma for me and my fellow tree professionals. As a forester I practice forestry, which is the management of forests.  In the public mind the termContinue Reading