Plant more trees or Manage existing woodlands? Have your say …

I believe that we should be managing our existing woodlands better before we plant more trees. But what do you think? Have your say by responding to the poll. Read More


La France et ses forêts

Translate to French Aujourd’hui, c’est la Fête Nationale en France: today is Bastille Day in France.  It seemed to be a perfect occasion to celebrate France and its wonderful trees and forests. Le peuple français et ses forêts The trees and forests of France are deeply engrained in the French people’s psyche.  As a fellow… Read More

Being positive about street trees

Trees in our streets improve air quality, provide beneficial micro-climate, enhance property values and aesthetics, attenuate storm water, conserve energy, reduce noise pollution, provide wildlife habitat, and have a positive effect on physical and mental human health. There’s no denying that trees can cause problems in the built environment. Their roots can disturb pavements, roads… Read More