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The New Sylva is released in North America

October 21, 2014

Gabriel Hemery

The New Sylva

The New Sylva – Bloomsbury Publishing USA

The New Sylva is released today, 21st October, in North America.

Visit Bloomsbury Publishing USA for more information.

It is available in all good bookstores, and via major online retailers such as and Barnes & Noble.

The NEW SYLVA book in the author’s hands

March 6, 2014

Gabriel Hemery

The New Sylva book in-hand

The New Sylva book in-hand

Today – by chance World Book Day – the first bound copy of The New Sylva arrived in the author’s hands from Bloomsbury Publishing.

It is a strange emotion unwrapping and viewing for the first time the fruit of several years of labour. A mixture of joy and pleasure, immense satisfaction, and a real sense that something has finally been achieved. It seems a good time also to reflect on how many people have supported Sarah and me in bringing this book to reality.

Seeing it for the first time has made me proud of the unbeatable team behind the book – and a team effort is exactly what it has been. The journey started over four years ago when Sarah and I started to shape an idea for the book. We met three and a half years ago with literary agent Rosemary Scholar. Commissioning of the book by Bloomsbury led us to work directly with their editorial team; first with senior commissioning editor Richard Atkinson, and later overseen with such aplomb by Natalie Bellos (nee Hunt). Subsequently also at Bloomsbury: Alison Glossop, Marina Asenjo, Lynsey Sutherland and Madeleine Feeney, who all put in so much hard graft behind the scenes. Other essential members of the team were book designers Peter Dawson and Louise Evans of Grade Design, copy editor Rachael Oakden, proofreader Barbara Roby, and indexer Vicki Robinson. Regular readers of this blog will recognise many of these names.

The book would also not have come together without the support of tree and forest owners, scientists, artists and members of the public. We trust that the book will satisfy them and our future readers. Perhaps we will see some of you at the author events during the year?

We look forward to official publication day on April 10th. Note that you can pre-order your signed copy today.

Gabriel Hemery

Sales sheet for The New Sylva

February 8, 2014

Gabriel Hemery

Sales sheet for The New Sylva

Sales sheet for The New Sylva (click to enlarge)

Bloomsbury Publishing have released the sales sheet for The New Sylva. The book will be shrink-wrapped in the shops (although many may have a display copy), and this sheet will replace the back cover to provide more insight into the book, including thumbnails of selected spreads.

The New Sylva is now available to pre-order in many online stores. It is also available to pre-order a signed copy (by both authors) in the shop of the Sylva Foundation – and your money will support their charitable work caring for forests.

Limited first edition planned for The New Sylva

November 22, 2013

Gabriel Hemery

A very special limited first edition of The New Sylva is being considered by Bloomsbury Publishing. The authors are pleased to provide a unique opportunity for all readers of our blog to sign up to receive advanced notice of its release.

The limited edition will interest bibliophiles, book collectors, fans of artist Sarah Simblet, and anyone with a special interest in trees and forests. Not only could you make a wise investment, or endow a fantastic gift to a special friend, but your purchase will help support Britain’s trees and forests:- all profits from its sale will go to tree and forestry charity the Sylva Foundation.

Details of the special edition, in terms of the contents and price, will be announced here soon. If you are interested in receiving advanced notice, you can use the form below to sign up.

Proofreading and indexing underway

November 2, 2013

Gabriel Hemery

proofreading The New Sylva

Gabriel Hemery’s notes during copy-editing The New Sylva

October was a busy month: copy-editing was completed and the book design finalised, including the cover. The book has been listed on the website of Bloomsbury Publishing (read more) and can be found on the websites of most major book sellers for preorder, including Amazon and Waterstones.

There now remains about one month until the book is sent to the printers. During November the manuscript will be checked by a professional proofreader and separately, the index prepared by a specialist indexer. Fourteen pages have been planned for the index of The New Sylva to allow for a comprehensive section to guide readers. We hope to return to this subject in more detail in a future post.

The authors will be undertaking a final read through and be ready to respond to any queries raised by the editorial team.

The New Sylva is listed by Bloomsbury Publishing

October 19, 2013

Gabriel Hemery

Bloomsbury Publishing

Bloomsbury Publishing have now listed The New Sylva on their website.

We can reveal for the first time the list price of £40.00. [UPDATE December 2013: the recommended retail price finally agreed is £50.00]

Launch date in the UK is 10th April 2014, while in the US the book will be available from July. The ISBN is 9781408835449.

Full details from Bloomsbury Publishing:

Published: 10-04-2014
Format: Hardback
Edition: 1st
Extent: 400pp.
ISBN: 9781408835449
Imprint: Bloomsbury Publishing
Dimensions: 290 x 245 mm
RRP: £tbc
Online price: £tbc
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