Young forest trees often require some form of ‘formative’ shaping or pruning during the first 5-10 years after planting.  I co-wrote a practical guide on this subject for Woodland Heritage, and created the artwork that I’ve reproduced here.     Young trees may require pruning for a variety of reasons,Continue Reading

I recently came across a bird’s eye view of the farmland at College Farm in Southern Oxfordshire, before I had designed and started the planting of two new woodlands: Paradise Wood and Neptune Wood. The aerial photograph, taken in 1991, clearly shows that College Farm was an arable desert.  WheatContinue Reading

I created a pen and ink drawing for the cover of the international journal of forestry research, Forestry, which ran to four issues during 1999. The drawing depicts a sawlog, an oak trunk, a pine branch and an oak seedling.  I think it works particularly well when reversed or asContinue Reading

I enjoy drawing and computer-aided design and where this coincides with my love of trees and the countryside I derive extra enjoyment. This is a piece of artwork I produced for a leaflet that I also co-wrote for the charity Woodland Heritage in 2006, on the Establishment of Broadleaves (downloadContinue Reading