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Gabriel writes, lives, and breathes trees. He has published a number of both fiction and non-fiction books, while his tree photography has adorned books and international advertising campaigns. A forest scientist by training, he cofounded Sylva Foundation to help nurture a wood culture.

Gabriel Hemery books


I am an author who writes about trees, forestry, and the environment. My first book The New Sylva, is an award-winning book about trees and forestry published with Bloomsbury in 2014. Currently, I am working on a series of three guidebooks featuring more than 1000 forest sites across Britain in The Forest Guide series, publishing with Bloomsbury Wildlife. I’ve written two novels, released two short story collections, and a poetry anthology. My short stories have been included in two anthologies. Read more about my books

Tree Photography

I’m a part-time professional photographer specialising in tree, forest and landscape photography. My images have featured in magazines, books, merchandising, and global advertising. I also take photographs for use in my own book projects, such as The Forest Guide series. A selection of tree photographs are available to view on my dedicated tree photography webpages. Find out more

The Tree Photographer



Silvology is the biological science of studying forests, incorporating the understanding of natural forest ecosystems, and the effects and development of silvicultural practices. I’m a silvologist. Read more




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