Days 93-122 (Month 4 | June 2024) of my 365-day challenge to capture and publish an original photograph every day, for 365 days.

The damp weather conditions continued this month but I’ve visited some wonderful forests while conducting fieldwork for my next book. Fortunately, although it’s often been wet, the skies have not always been grey and leaden. Sometimes heavy showers can bring dramatic light to a landscape, and even the odd rainbow. The conditions just present some challenges for a photographer. An umbrella has been indispensable!

This month my images include many taken around my home and work, with a few from further north in England, including the Peak District and the Lake District.

My personal favourite this month is probably Day 95 | The Scream. I love how dramatic the clouds appear but the real beauty lies in the flock of swifts (collective noun a ‘scream’) which is visible in the central pool of blue sky. Sadly, the image really needs to be seen in full resolution to appreciate the birds. It definitely didn’t come out so well on Instagram but remember you can check out my monthly gallery to see images in higher resolution. I hope you enjoy this new collection and I’d love to hear about your favourite too.

Check on my webpage where you can see the images in higher resolution:

Month 4 of Project365

Most of the images were captured with a Leica Q3, some taken in medium format with a Hassleblad X2D, and most of the wildlife shots with my Panasonic Lumix micro four-thirds equipment.

Visit my webpage for the project. There you’ll find higher resolution images organised into monthly galleries.

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