Ash dieback is an environmental calamity that will cost Britain £15 billion

A research paper published today estimates that the cost of ash dieback in Britain will reach £15 billion. I was privileged to have supported lead author Louise Hill as an external supervisor, and to be a co-author of the paper. Read More

Best replacement tree species to mitigate the loss of ash in Britain

As the spread of ash dieback across Britain becomes noticeable, there is a peak in interest about the consequences of ash dieback, with landowners and conservationists seeking good advice about what tree species is best to plant to help nature recover. Here’s a simply summary for landowners, based of peer-reviewed research. Read More

Hunting for a venerable ash tree – can you help?

The authors are searching for the finest example of a common ash (Fraxinus excelsior) tree to feature in The New Sylva. We hope that our readers can help by submitting their favourite ash trees – one of which will be selected and appear in the book frontispiece. Following the outbreak of ash dieback (Chalara fraxinea),… Read More

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career • media • specialist publications Selected Publications Hill, L, Jones, G, Atkinson, N, Hector, A, Hemery, G, and Brown, N. 2019. “The £15 billion cost of ash dieback in Britain.” Current Biology, 29 (9), R315-R316, May 6. Hill, L, G Hemery, A Hector, and N Brown. 2019. “Maintaining Ecosystem Properties after Loss of Ash… Read More