… 432 pages, 29.5 x 25.4 cm, more than 200 original drawings by Sarah Simblet, more than 100,000 words by Gabriel Hemery, 44 main groups of tree species covering over 90 species, publication date: April 2014, …Continue Reading

The authors are very much looking forward to an expedition to Scotland to capture some of the nation’s most spectacular trees and forestscapes. In December we will be spending four days researching and drawing various subjects, including the iconic Caledonian pinewood forests. We will post news and pictures of progressContinue Reading

Today the authors held a meeting with editors at Bloomsbury to discuss book design in detail. Editors Richard Atkinson and Natalie Hunt were joined by Peter Dawson of Grade Design Consultants (www.gradedesign.com) who has been appointed as Book Designer. Sarah Simblet also handed over the first batch of 30 completedContinue Reading

This week we held our first full editorial meeting with editors from Bloomsbury. It is still two years until The New Sylva is published, and probably nine months before the editorial, design and marketing teams ‘launch’ the book within Bloomsbury. Between now and then some critical decisions need to beContinue Reading