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Welcome to my tree and forestry blog.

I created and started writing this blog in May 2010, in celebration of 18 years working as a forest scientist or silvologist.

I aim to:

◍ make available the results of my own and other interesting tree and forest research

◍  celebrate with readers the myriad and wonderful aspects of all things silvan

◍  offer my opinions on topical tree and forest issues

◍  provide news about current activities for those that share my passion for trees and forests

I write all the posts and administer the blog myself. I welcome comment and feedback, and will attempt to reply whenever possible. Comments are moderated before publishing and I reserve the right not to show those that:

  • are personally insulting to me, other individuals, and/or organisations;
  • contain deliberately inflammatory references;
  • contain abusive, racist, or sexist statements.

I hope that you enjoy reading my blog.  Please do let me know.

Gabriel Hemery

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