I’m often asked about the equipment I use for nature watching, my photography and to make my sound recordings. Earlier today I made a short film during which I reveal how much I manage to fit in a small bag.

I hope you enjoy the film. Do add comments here or on my YouTube channel.

The bag I used is the British make Billingham, and the model is the Hadley Pro. See it here on Wex Photographic (affiliated link). Read more about my photographic equipment.

If you enjoyed the brief sound of the male blackcap in full song in the video, you can listen to an extended recording below. The bird, which is a type of warbler, arrives in Britain early each spring. You’ll notice that it has a burst of song every 15 seconds or so. In between, you can hear other woodland birds including magpie, robin, wood pigeon, buzzard, and jay. Moments before I turned on the recorder, I heard a tawny owl but sadly it didn’t call again while I was recording.

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