A selection of independent reviews

The New Sylva review in Sunday Telegraph 13 April 2014

We have featured extracts from a number of published reviews of The New Sylva, ranging from The Times Literary Supplement to The Lady, from the Royal Forestry Society to Gardens Illustrated. Here is a selection of reviews from independent bloggers, readers and others written over recent months.

“The clear and authoritative text is sprinkled with quotes from John Evelyn; it’s almost as if the great man is listening in on the conversation and offering gems of wisdom from the comfort of an armchair.”

‘The New Sylva is a real treasury of woodland wisdom, and I know I shall be dipping into it regularly, both for pleasure and for reference.   This is a book to cherish for generations – but I hope it will also be used as an educational resource, re-connecting our children with the lore and science of trees.”

The Hazel Tree – reviewed by Jo Woolf

“It’s a real credit to Dr Gabriel Hemery that this is actually an enjoyable book to read as well as an interesting one. Necessary information regarding biology and pests/diseases is balanced by history and folklore, the result is undoubtedly scholarly as well as being entirely accessible by the lay person; it’s a book that keeps you reading on. What really makes it though are the absolutely stunning illustrations.”

Shiny New Books – reviewed by Hayley Anderton

“An intelligent and gorgeous book. John Evelyn would have been entranced.”

“Beautifully written and illustrated.”

“A fantastic and informative book, a must for all true arboriculture fanatics and all who are interested in our nations trees. Very well written and illustrated.”

“Wow! I thought it was a steepish price but SO much work has gone into this – it’s not! It’s an amazing piece of work.”

A small selection of reader reviews on Amazon.co.uk

If you know of any other reviews you think we should feature, please do let us know.



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