Authors talk at the Chalke Valley History Festival

Hemery and Simblet at Chalke Valley History Festival
Hemery and Simblet at the Chalke Valley History Festival. Photo CVHF.

Gabriel Hemery and Sarah Simblet enjoyed talking about the history of forestry in Britain, of John Evelyn and his Sylva, and the making of The New Sylva at the Chalke Valley History Festival.

They had a large and informed audience, with questions from the floor ranging from whether sweet chestnut bark spirals both clockwise and anticlockwise (and whether it changes in the northern or southern hemisphere), the technical details of the paper that artist Sarah Simblet uses, to wanting more information about the Sylva Foundation and its work in tackling Chalara ash dieback (see the Living Ash Project:

Afterwards they signed books with support from Waterstones (who promptly sold out). Note that signed copies are available to purchase online at the shop of the Sylva Foundation (proceeds to charity).



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