Book visuals unveiled at Bloomsbury

Yesterday the authors travelled with great anticipation to London to progress plans for The New Sylva with publishers Bloomsbury. We were looking forward to joining the editorial team again after our last meeting in August 2012. In particular we were excited that Pete Dawson, book designer from Grade Design, would be unveiling the first book visuals including the typeface, layout and other formatting concepts.

Sarah Simblet handed over another batch of about 30 drawings, including: a beech sprig in leaf with ‘nuts’, an alder sprig with leaves and fruits, and an alder root complete with Frankia spp. nodules. These are visible in the photograph below (click to enlarge).

Bloomsbury discussion 17Dec2012
Discussions around the Board Room table at Bloomsbury, 17 December 2012. Table centre: the latest batch of finished drawings. Table right: first book visuals. Left to right: Sarah Simblet, Gabriel Hemery, Richard Atkinson, Pete Dawson, Natalie Hunt.
Discussing the first book designs
Discussing the first book visuals completed by Pete Dawson (talking, far left) at Bloomsbury, 17 December 2012.

We will be providing some insights into the book design shortly, including the number of pages now agreed, the book dimensions, and the typeface selected.


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