Book deal secured for The New Sylva

I am delighted to announce that I have secured, with co-author Sarah Simblet, a book deal with major publisher Bloomsbury to write The New Sylva.

Sarah Simblet is a botanical artist and popular author of several books. We are combining our skills and interests, aiming to create a seminal book on trees and forestry. The New Sylva will be published  in 2014; the 350th anniversary of John Evelyn’s original Sylva first published in 1664 by the Royal Society.

Today we have launched a dedicated website ( for the book project, and you can read our first post here. You will also be able to follow progress with the twitter hashtag #newsylva.

Gabriel Hemery


One thought on “Book deal secured for The New Sylva

  1. Congratulations, Gabriel – great news !

    Very appropriately for 2012 and the continuing forestry debate, the thing that’s always interested me about Sylva is the extent to which it was propoganda for trees rather than an accurate reflection of the reality of the time – I’ll look forward to your thoughts on the subject !

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