Our Forests calls for internal review in Defra

Our Forests is following up the Freedom of Information requests, given Defra’s inadequate response of 6th October (see Our Forests resources).

The Our Forests ginger group is very keen to move the debate on and to concentrate on the all important vision for the future of England’s woodlands, and for a forward-looking forestry policy. However, Defra’s response was wholly inadequate, and it is the public interest that a satisfactory response is received. It is evident that clarity is still needed about how the Government came to its decision to sell-off England’s public forests, who they consulted about their plans, and when. This will provide much-needed evidence to calm rumours that continue to rumble, and which are unhelpful in the current debate.

Request to Defra for Internal Review of FoI responseAs evident in our letter of yesterday 28th November (see pdf link), Our Forests is calling for an Internal Review to take place in Defra.

Our Forests has also submitted a complaint to the Information Commissioner and this is being followed up. Again, Our Forests believe that this is a point of principle for future as well as current public interest cases.

While these efforts are ongoing, the Our Forests group is working on a positive Vision document and process.

Gabriel Hemery

Visit the Resources page for the 28th November letter to Defra, and other Our Forests documents


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