England’s paucity of forests

I have written before about the scale of England’s forests in relation to those elsewhere in Europe (read more), and in terms of those in public ownership (read more).  I found another very useful summary of this in the Forestry Commission’s recent submission to Defra’s Independent Panel on Forestry.

England has proportionately the smallest forest area and the least state forest resource in Europe and yet is one of the most intensively used.  Compared to the EU average there are over 66 times more people per hectare (ha) of state forest in England.

EU Average Scotland England
% Forest cover 38 17 9
% State forests 36 35 18
Population per ha of state forest 3 10 200

Forestry Commission submission to Independent Panel on ForestryDownload the paper prepared for the Forestry Panel by the Forestry Commission

Gabriel Hemery


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