Public reaction builds to forest sell-off

Read more posts about the public sell-off
Read more posts about the public sell-off

Judging from interest in posts on my weblog alone, concern about the proposed sell-off the public forest estate continues to build daily.  As I write, the campaigning site 38degrees has 111,886 signatures for their ‘Save our Forests” petition.  Also today, a local campaign in the Forest of Dean held a well-attended public rally with speeches from a number of notable speakers including Jonathon Porritt.

I have provided a lot of links previously to various Government sites and documents.  To strike a balance below is a list of the campaigning sites that have sprung up.



Do let me know if I’ve omitted any and I will add them.

Gabriel Hemery


4 thoughts on “Public reaction builds to forest sell-off

  1. Thanks for this very useful list of campaign sites. You might like to add

    38 degrees has a very useful campaign page as well as the petition —

    The Forestry Commission trade unions save our forests page —

    I was puzzled by the New Forest page — no new posts on the main page since July. I put the petition on and have had no like or comment, though it might have prompted people to sign. The others filter seems to hide stuff. As you say, perhaps they are complacent.

    Keep up the good work

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