Public forest sale background briefing document

The Forestry Commission and the sale of public forests in England
View the House of Commons briefing document

The House of Commons published an information note on 23rd November, authored by Policy Analyst Oliver Bennett, that sets out the background to the issues surrounding the sale of the public forest estate.

It provides a balanced view on the issues and, unlike some of the notions expressed in some press reports and campaigning sites, it does not misrepresent the intentions expressed officially by Defra and ministers.  Note that it is a Parliamentary and not a Governmental document and, therefore, it is politically neutral.  It is well worth a read if you are following this story.

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Read more posts about the public sell-off

My thanks to a reader, Gill, for recommending this in a comment yesterday.

Gabriel Hemery


2 thoughts on “Public forest sale background briefing document

  1. Thank you for your site.

    It is the only place that seems to have the the forestry sell off briefing document on it. Attempts at the Defra website got me nowhere.

    1. He has leaked it, it wouldn’t be on the defta site.
      Lets hope someone with access to insider information gives us something of use.
      cryptome would be the best medium through which to do this.

      I’ll keep checking, in naive anticipation. Would be nice though.

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