Talk at Oxford Botanic Garden

I’m giving a talk at the University of Oxford Botanic Garden at 8pm today.

My talk is one of number of lectures this Autumn as part of a series on The future of crops and is entitled:

The OneOak project: using science and art to revive Britain’s wood culture
Trees, woodlands and their product, wood, surround our lives.  In Britain today, people who access or connect with woodlands do so through a society that cherishes the beauty of the treescape and the wildlife it supports.  A new dawn is breaking for forestry.  Can we manage forests for carbon, grow fibre for wood heat and energy, and adapt to climate change, while continuing to meet existing objectives from UK forests?  The forestry sector needs to engage with society.  The Sylva Foundation’s OneOak project aims to do this through science and art, focussing on the full life story of one oak tree.

The talk starts at 8pm, Monday 29th November 2010.  More details here.

Gabriel Hemery


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