Environmental consciousness

There are now millions of pages of text discussing mankind’s impact on planet Earth, and the likely impact of global environmental change.  There is perhaps no single  image that encapsulates these and provokes reflection about our collective responsibilities.  Images of melting ice caps, stranded polar bears, flooding, famine, storms and so on can be very powerful but tend to focus on the consequences and these are inevitably dramatic.

I was inspired to create an image to provoke people to think about mankind’s impact on our planet, and to consider our collective responsibility for protecting mother earth.  I came up with this image.

Environmental Consciousness
Environmental Consciousness

I based the artwork on an image of Earth taken by Apollo 17.  I have reproduced it here at small scale for the web.  I would be pleased to share the full size version (a very large file) with any organisation or movement that feels that they could make good use of it to promote environmental consciousness.  Please contact me to discuss.

Gabriel Hemery


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