Planting research woodlands across the UK & Ireland

I spent 13 years working for the Northmoor Trust designing, planting and managing new woodlands across the UK and Ireland.  Many of these were also research field trials.

The research woodlands were established to test new and future-proof sources of ask, oak, cherry and walnut – planted in the hope that these new strains of the species would survive in the future, and grow beautiful and valuable timber.  Some field trials were planted to test new and innovative ways of establishing new woodlands.

Many of the trials were undertaken collaboratively under the British & Irish Hardwoods Improvement Programme (   These were usually on private land with the support of individual woodland owners, passionate about the future of trees and forestry.  Other partners included Universities and Research Institutions, and the National Forest.

For this post I had some fun mapping 12 of these trials with Google Maps.

Woodlands and field trial sites planted by Gabriel Hemery
Woodlands and field trial sites planted by Gabriel Hemery

Some of the planting sites contain multiple trials, others act as replicates as part of a wider network.  Most of the woodlands shown here are either walnut or oak research trials.  All represent a unique resource that will help deliver healthy and productive woodlands for the future.


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