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Book design revealed

January 1, 2013

Gabriel Hemery

Originally posted on The New Sylva:

Following the meeting of 17th December at Bloomsbury when we reviewed the first book visuals (read more), we are delighted to be able to provide the first design details of The New Sylva to our blog readers:

  • book length: c.400 pages (to be confirmed)

  • book size: (h) 29.5 x (w) 25.4 cm x (thickness to be confirmed)

  • more than 100,000 words by Gabriel Hemery

  • more than 200 original drawings by Sarah Simblet

  • 44 main groups of tree species covering more than 100 species

  • publication date: April 2014 (to be confirmed)

Ash visual December 2012

A visual prepared in December 2012, showing one of the possible layouts for text alongside one of Sarah Simblet’s drawings (a flowering ash stem).

The drawings will be reproduced faithfully to the highest possible standards, on paper with a colour and texture selected to enhance the fine details depicted in Sarah Simblet’s drawings.

The typeface for the book…

View original 96 more words

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